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Last updated 23 April  2021

Please book in for Sunday services so we can arrange seating in advance. 

Services are at church and also available to join on zoom - further dates and arrangements are on the What's on page



We have just followed a series based on the book “God’s plan for your wellbeing”, looking at the life of Elijah in 1 Kings ch 17 to 2 Kings 2 ch 2.  Much has been said about wellbeing in recent years and this book shows how we can seek God’s Shalom in every area of our lives.  Through July we are continuing to look at the life of Elijah.


A risk assessment is in place for meetings at church – please ask if you would like to see a copy.

Refreshments will be served after each morning service if the weather is fine.

Weekly prayer and mid-week meetings

See What's on for details

Offerings – Thank you to all who contribute to the ministry of church via the offering bag or by standing order (direct to the bank).  

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For a chat, prayer or other assistance please also contact us.

Rob and Cheryl Cross

Church leaders

01663 75o435

What is Christianity all about?

Good News Paper Summer 2020 - including an article on last summer's Toddbrook Dam crisis.

feb 2020

Thanksgiving service - Toddbrook Dam crisis

To watch the 2019 service see www.whaleybridge.com


                    All welcome. For more details email or ring Rob & Cheryl 01663 75o435